Lab Distributed Systems 2

Timetable 1st semester 2021/2022

When: Friday 11.30am - 13.30am

Where: ROOM A221   also on Google Meet Link to Google Meet

Course teachers:

Telegram: We use this Telegram channel for general announcements related to the 2021/22 course.

Labs Schedule

Date Topic Slides/material
24 Sep * LAB Introduction
* Broadcast
Intro slides
Broadcast slides
BestEffort Templates
ReliableBroadcast Templates
BestEffort Solution
ReliableBroadcast Solution
1 Oct * Discrete Event Simulation Recap
* Agent Based Modeling with MESA
8 Oct * MESA Space
* MESA Data Collection
* MESA Batch Run
LAB 03 outline & resources
Custom Data Collection Example
15 Oct * MESA Visualization
* SIR exercise
LAB 04 outline & resources
SIR exercise slides
SIR code template
SIR solutions
22 Oct Gossip-based Failure Detection LAB 05 outline & resources
Gossip FD slides
5 Nov * Assignment instructions
* Simple DHT in python
simple DHT slides
simple DHT Py Code
12 Nov * Advancing DHT implementation Advanced DHT slides
advancedDHT py code
19 Nov * DHT with Flask part_1 LAB 08 outline
Code developed in class
26 Nov * DHT with Flask part_2 LAB 09 outline
Code developed in class
3 Dec * DHT with Flask part_3 LAB 10 outline
DHT Final Code

Congratulations to Gabriele and Giovanni that, by completing the exercise “Advancing our DHT in python”, conquered 1 bonus point!!! Well done guys ;)

Assignment Resources

Assignment Rules pdf
Report Template Fac Simile
Latex source
Suggested Topics pdf

Labs Recordings

Date Link
24 Sep LAB 01 Video recording
1 Oct LAB 02 Video recording
8 Oct LAB 03 Video recording
15 Oct LAB 04 Video recording
22 Oct LAB 05 Video recording
5 Nov LAB 06 Video recording
12 Nov LAB 07 Video recording
19 Nov LAB 08 Video recording
26 Nov LAB 09 Video recording
3 Dec LAB 10 Video recording

Resources online

Mesa: Agent-based modeling in Python 3

Heartbeat-style Failure Detector using Gossip

Bibliographic Resources